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Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is hosting offered on Windows server platform. The latest server OS from Microsoft is Windows 2003 Server, which is frequently used to offer windows hosting. If you get Windows hosting account you can use all scripting, programming and database technologies offered on Windows hosting platform. The most common Windows hosting technologies and databases are ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, MS SQL server, MS Access, and MySQL.

Most Windows hosting companies offer hosting control panels for their shared Windows hosting plans. The most popular Windows hosting control panel is HELM. Other Windows hosting panels are Ensim and H-Sphere.

Windows hosting is straightforward to use, as long as you don't need fancy programming or complicated database backend for your website. If you want to take your website to the next level using Windows hosting, you'll need to learn ASP or ASP.NET (popular Windows hosting programming technologies) and MS SQL Server or MS Access (popular database solutions frequently used on Windows hosting plans).

When looking for Windows hosting company you need to find a reliable one, if you want a great uptime and service. Find a Windows hosting company, that have been in business at least a couple of years and has knowledgeable support staff. When you find a Windows company that looks good, go to and do additional research - look for reviews of current and ex-customers of the company. If you see great reviews for Windows hosting company, simply go for it.

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