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ASP Hosting Guide

ASP Hosting term refers to a hosting provided on Windows platform, which allows ASP scripting. ASP stands for Active Server Pages and is a Microsoft server-side scripting technology that you can use to build dynamic web applications. ASP pages have ".asp" extension and can contain mix of HTML tags, text, and server-side scripting commands. ASP pages can call ActiveX components to perform tasks, such as connecting to a database (MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL...) or performing business logic calculations. By using ASP Hosting, you can add dynamic content to your web pages. ASP concept is very easy to grasp and ASP applications are easy to develop and modify in general.

You don't need any special software to write an ASP page. An ASP page can be written with any text editor.

ASP is browser independent because all the scripting code is executed on the server and the browser only gets a normal HTML page as a result of server-side scripting.

VBScript is the default scripting language for ASP, but you can use JScript and even Perl if you want to.

ASP Hosting plans are offered by more and more web hosting providers, as the demand for Windows based hosting increases.

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